Peer-Reviewed Publications

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· Harvey, G.K.A., Nelson, T., Paquet, P.C., Ferster, C., Fox, C.H. In Review. Comparing citizen science reports and systematic surveys of marine mammal distributions and densities. Biological Conservation.

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· Westwood, A.R., Olszynski, M., Fox, C.H., Ford, A., Jacob, A.L., Moore, J.W., Palen, W.J. In Review. The role of science in contemporary Canadian environmental decision-making: The example of environmental assessment. UBC Law Review.

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Books & Book Chapters

· Fox, C.H., Taggart, C.T. In prep. Ship strikes and North Atlantic right whales. In: Environmental impacts of ships. Cambridge University Press. Cambridge, UK.

· Fox, C.H. 2016. At Sea with the Marine Birds of the Raincoast. Rocky Mountain Books, Victoria, BC.

· Raincoast Conservation Foundation.* 2012. Art for an Oil-free Coast, Canada’s Raincoast at Risk. Sidney, BC. *Fox, C.H., Contributing Author.


· MacDuffee, M., Rosenberger, A.R., Dixon, R., Jarvela-Rosenberger, A., Fox, C.H., Paquet, P.C. 2016. Our threatened coast: nature and shared benefits in the Salish Sea. Raincoast Conservation Foundation. Sidney, British Columbia. 

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· Raincoast Conservation Foundation*. 2010. What's at stake: the cost of oil on British Columbia's priceless coast. *Fox, C.H., contributing author.

Popular Science and Other Communications 

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· Jacob, A., Fox, C.H., Gerwing, T.G., Munoz, N., Pitman, K., Price, M. 2016. Open letter to Canada’s federal government regarding scientific rigour and transparency in environmental reviews and regulatory decisions. Co-signed by >1700 early-career researchers. [link]

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