At Sea with the

Marine Birds of the Raincoast

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Winner of the 2017Lane Anderson award for science writing &

Shortlisted for the 2017 Basil Stuart-Stubbs prize


... "a lovely, intelligent book" ... "Fox's expertise" ... "is framed by a cinematic eye and a lyrical frame of mind. She is one of the best nature writers I've encountered in recent years."

- D. Shulman, 10,000 Birds. [Full Review]

"Seldom do academics pen statements such as,

"From across canyons of evolutionary space, they seeped into my subconscious, bird by bird, and their complex, wondrous lives became wound up with mine." I hope there will be more from her."

- R. Butler, Hakai Magazine. [Full Review]

"a compelling hybrid of sorts: part field guide, part animal history, and part personal journal. The narrative has a rhythm like the ocean itself" ... "but don't let the pleasure of reading this enjoyable narrative fool you: Fox's story has as much depth as the open ocean."

- S. MacPherson, the Ormsby Review. [Full Review]

Research Interests

As a coastal ecologist and conservation scientist, my research interests tend to be diverse. In general, I conduct interdisciplinary and collaborative research within a mosaic of coastal ecosystems, studying the ecology of marine and coastal predators, cross-ecosystem interactions, particularly those driven by migratory animals, and more. Because anthropogenic activities act as major forces of ecological and evolutionary change in coastal ecosystems, these influences also constitute an active part of my research.