Coastal Biodiversity and Conservation

Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre (2013, 2015, 2017)

Every second year, I teach Coastal Biodiversity and Conservation at the Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre, which is a remote marine station located on Vancouver Island's west coast. Along with my co-instructor, Dr. B. Beasley, we introduce students to the spectacular biodiversity of coastal ecosystems. Examining patterns of biodiversity across spatial scales, students gain valuable species identification and field skills. As a conservation science course, students also learn about concepts and issues such as ecosystem services, global climate change, and marine spatial planning. Independent student projects offer students the opportunity to design and complete scientific studies of marine, intertidal, freshwater, and/or terrestrial ecosystems. Overall, students gains a deep understanding of coastal biodiversity and conservation science in remarkably diverse Barkley Sound.

Marine Ecology and Population Dynamics

Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre (2012 - 2015)

For four years, I taught the Fall Program course Marine Ecology and Population Dynamics at the Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre. Designed to give students the freedom to explore their own interests while building a strong foundation in marine ecology and population dynamics, this course is a blend of independent inquiry and shared learning experiences. Over just four short weeks, students are immersed in the wild marine ecosystems on Canada's west coast; students emerge on the other side with real-world skills and knowledge to last a lifetime.

For more information on the Fall Program at Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre, click here.